Executive Team

Below is a little information on our Executive Team and Trustee Board.

Rosie Waters

I was appointed Chief Executive of Citizens Advice North Hertfordshire in July 2018.

I joined the organisation as a volunteer Receptionist in 2012, following an editorial career in academic publishing and a break to stay at home with my daughters. I immediately saw the value in the amazing work we do in our local community, felt the benefits of working with a supportive and interesting team of people, and gained huge amounts of self confidence and new skills.  I trained as a volunteer Adviser and was then employed as an Advice Session Supervisor and the Training Manager.

I feel privileged to be leading this organisation into an exciting future as we expand the work we do to help even more people in the local area.

Lecia Fraser

I was first employed at Stevenage Citizens Advice as a Mental Health Project Worker. I worked mainly at outreach venues including MIND, Mental Health unit and probation. I had a passion for helping people that were at a disadvantage because of their health issues and found this a very rewarding role.

I worked as a case worker for 8 years and progressed to a session supervisor whilst continuing with many different projects.

5 years ago I joined North Herts Citizens Advice as a session supervisor and quality assurance officer. I progressed to Deputy Advice Services Manager then to the Advice Services and Project Manager role that I am in today.

Mel Chammings

I am a retired career civil servant. I spent the last years of my working life in DWP . On retirement, after a brief rest, I became a trustee and chair of Headway Hertfordshire and following that trustee and chair of Crossroads Care.

I have now brought all my experience of public service and trusteeship to CANH where I am currently the chair. I hope that my understanding of regulated public service can benefit this charity. I enjoy working with and on behalf of the community and the challenges that this presents.

It is a privilege to chair a board of skilled and dedicated trustees.

Adrian Laycock

I am Vice Chair of CANH. Following a long career as a Banker, predominantly in the City, I wanted to make a contribution to my local community in areas that are of personal interest to me and where I felt my skills would add demonstrable value.

I am not particularly interested in maintaining the status quo; rather I have an enthusiasm for those organisations that are evolving through change and find such challenges absorbing, stimulating and very enjoyable. It’s also a great way of getting to know people in the local area.

I am also Chair of Headway Hertfordshire.

Alan Warner

I have been a Trustee for Citizens Advice North Herts since April 2018.

I sold my management training business at the end of last year and entered into retirement from full time paid work. I decided however that I would like to spend a significant portion of my time helping charitable organisations that seemed to be doing good work and where I could hopefully make a contribution. I have since taken on similar Trustee roles with two educational charities.

In a relatively short period at CANH, I have been involved in a number of activities which have been interesting and rewarding. My induction programme included sitting in on client interviews and observing the support given to defendants at Stevenage Magistrates Court. I was very impressed by the way that CANH staff dealt with very challenging scenarios.

In addition to attending Board Meetings, I have also taken responsibility for Information Assurance, become chair of the Finance and Risk Committee and helped to organise a survey of Trustee Board Effectiveness. I enjoy working with a very pleasant group of people and feeling that I am contributing towards the objectives of an organisation that is providing real benefit to society. I also enjoy continuing to use my brain and skills which, I fear, would fade away in a quiet retirement. It also benefits my wife who appreciates me being out of the house from time to time!

My background in finance and running my own business helps me to offer particular perspectives and it is in my nature to challenge the status quo. And it is encouraging that the Board is always looking for ways to improve the service that is offered and the way we work together.

Emma Duckworth

I have worked in Hertfordshire for 21 years and lived in Baldock for 20 years. My background is accountancy however for the last 15 years have worked for Tesco as the Operations Manager for the grocery online business. I first became involved with CANH as a trustee in 2004, in this time I have also been the Treasurer and Vice-Chair.

Giles Woodruff

The opportunity to become a trustee came when a colleague at my workplace was approached about becoming a trustee of Citizens Advice North Hertfordshire. He did not have enough time himself, but suggested my name and I jumped at the opportunity to apply (having been thinking about volunteering without anything specific in mind). I have now been a trustee for over 14 years (including serving as Chair of the Trustee Board for six years until 2017). I have taken the lead on various technical work (such as negotiating details of our lease, updating our governing documents and setting up and providing ongoing support for our pension arrangements). However, the role is very varied and at various times has included (to give just few examples) providing support with HR issues, strategising, financial analysis, risk management and (as Chair) public speaking.

I enjoy the work of being a trustee because it is so varied, draws on my skills (in a way that is different to my professional work as an actuary) and exposes me to new situations and challenges, which have often stretched me and contributed to my personal development.

I think that everyone in the organisation contributes in different ways to its success. I feel that my efforts and approach to the role (which includes an attention to detail and being particularly alert to risks) have played a part in helping Citizens Advice North Hertfordshire enhance its reputation as a well-run charity that its funders can rely on, thus enabling us to help as many people locally as possible with their problems.

Jeremy Bishop

I have been the Treasurer for Citizens Advice North Herts since 2014, following a career in finance. After qualifying as an Actuary, I held a number of senior roles in investment management, where I was responsible for managing portfolios for insurance companies and pension funds.

Tony Kuczys

I spent most of my working life in the civil service, first in what was then the Inland Revenue, and then in what became the Department for Work and Pensions, with a couple of years in the Treasury.

Over 37 years I was involved in policy advice to Ministers, worked in a Minister’s office, got involved with training, and then in project management (including the projects to introduce self assessment for income tax, and to pay pensions and benefits directly into bank accounts).

I was lucky enough to be offered early retirement, and was looking for something that would still make use of my skills and experience, and enable me to give something back to society. Becoming a trustee of Citizens Advice North Herts in 2013 fitted the bill perfectly.

Since 2016, I have also been a trustee of North Herts Centre for Voluntary Service.