Use a Credit Union instead of a Loan Shark

The England Illegal Money Lending Team (IMLT) – Stop Loan Sharks Project are encouraging people to join their local credit union instead of borrowing from loan sharks and high-cost lenders, to help promote safer lending and borrowing and to protect consumers from unscrupulous money lenders.

Watch the following  animations to find out how to spot a loan shark and how you can report them http://bit.ly/2X9vdnX  
and how to borrow money from your local credit union, find your nearest branch here: http://bit.ly/32k6jTU

Introduction to the Letchworth Financial Health Project

Our new Letchworth Financial Health Project is now available to anyone who either lives or works in Letchworth Garden City.

Its aim is to improve the current and future financial education and wellbeing of our community.

Working with partners in Letchworth and identifying new and innovative ways of delivering money advice.

We have created a Facebook group page, a forum to discuss money matters and receive weekly finance related tips to help you manage your money better so you can:
• Reduce your debts
• Maximise your income
• Support your family better
• Control your spending
• Find the best deals
• Start saving for the future
• Improve your mental and physical wellbeing