Talk Money Week 2021

Last week was Talk Money Week, this is an annual awareness campaign coordinated by the Money and Pensions Service to encourage everyone to open up and talk more about money issues.

It aims to reduce the stigma around money by encouraging conversations among families, friends, neighbours, customers, colleagues, and communities. Talking openly about money can have a huge impact on tackling money worries.

Acorn’s “Pop Up In The Park” Event

Promoting the Letchworth Financial Health project at Acorn’s “Pop up in the Park” events.

“Acorn Activities” is funded by the Barnardo’s charity which helps vulnerable children & young people, it supports them, their parents and carers.
In this area its primary goal is to support children aged 2-4 years old living on the Jackmans estate, it strives to:
• raise aspirations
• contribute towards closing the EYFSP (early years foundation stage profile) gap
• increase family engagement and activities available locally
• create a support network for families living in the local area

Financial capability community workshop – Budgeting

Last week we ran our second live Financial Capability workshop for the volunteers at Jackie’s Drop In Centre.

This was a Budgeting workshop, and we covered the following:

  • what we mean by budgeting
  • why it is useful to budget
  • how to go about doing a regular budget plan
  • how to use a plan when you have one

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First Financial Capability Workshop

Last week we ran our first live Financial Capability workshop for the volunteers at Jackies Drop In Centre.

This was an introductory workshop and we covered the following:

  • An introduction to the Letchworth Financial Health Project
  • Attitudes To Money
  • Money Related Issues
  • Future Financial Capability Workshops

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Benefit Entitlement

Are you maximising your income by claiming all benefits due to you?

Entitlement is dependant on different factors such as your…

  • Employment status
  • NI contributions
  • Health Conditions
  • Income and savings